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Welcome to our cellar door, offering gourmet wood oven pizzas and delicious platters, perfect for complementing your gin tasting.

A taste of McLaren Vale’s fine gins & delicious wood oven pizzas & platters

Nestled within the beautiful settings and rustic charm of Agostino’s in Aldinga, McLaren Vale, just a 40-minute drive south of Adelaide, Down South Distillery cellar door invites you for an integrated local spirit and food experience.

Gin Tasting

Join us for an immersive gin tasting experience at our cellar door where we proudly offer a premium artisan gin flight. For those who prefer a cocktail, we present a range of our full-bodied gin signature cocktails from Down South Distillery cellar door, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Buy Gin Online

For those who can’t join us in person, our online shop brings our gins to your doorstep. From the adventurous Board Meeting Citrus Gin to the floral Bush Chook Pink Gin and the intriguing Watering Hole Dry Gin, we offer gins crafted for a unique sensory experience.

Delicious Wood Oven Pizza

At Down South Distillery’s cellar door, in collaboration with Agostino, we bring the best of both worlds. We offer an integrated food and spirit experience where you can enjoy our artisan-crafted, full-bodied gins, and pair them with the famous gourmet wood oven pizzas and home-made platters from the adjacent kitchen.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale

Gin McLaren Vale – Keeping your Spirits up

Explore Our Gins

Are you a gin enthusiast who wants local experiences that embrace smooth, full-bodied aromas, along with exceptional taste? Try our collection of premium Gins that are designed to captivate your senses.

Board Meeting Citrus Gin

Board Meeting (Citrus) Gin

A pleasant rollercoaster of flavours, this citrus Gin is packed with botanicals that coat the palate with hints of orange, cinnamon, and all things delightful. → Order Now

Water Hole Dry Gin

Watering Hole Dry Gin

Smooth and soft on the palate, this dry Gin is packed with hints of fiery pepper and ginger, while adding to the sultry tease of lime. → Order Now

Bush Chook Pink Gin

Bush Chook (Pink) Gin

Leaving a lasting sensory impression of musk, peach & raspberry, this pink Gin booms with floral intrigue of jasmine with natural sweetness. → Order Now

Distillery McLaren Vale

Down South Distillery

Down South Distillery is a family team of artisan distillers who have the passion for the artistry of unconventional well-crafted spirits, and the celebration of a sensory experience behind every sip.

Situated within the premises of the beautiful Agostino’s Cellar Door, we proudly invite you to taste our spirits and join our journey to create premium Australian Spirits in McLaren Vale.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door
Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Gin tasting McLaren Vale

Distillery McLaren Vale

Our Cellar Door

Situated within the premises of Agostino’s Cellar Door, Lot 40, Stonehouse Lane, Aldinga, we welcome you to visit our distillery cellar door, where you can enjoy our smooth, full-bodied Gins in the relaxed atmosphere found Down South.

A perfect way to spend a few hours in the afternoon exploring our Gin Tasting Flight, or perhaps a cheeky Gin & Tonic, or two over lunch.

Enjoy your Spirits in an authentic atmosphere, and let time stand still for a moment.

We are open for tastings, pick-up, and shipment.

Cellar door restaurant

Wood oven pizzas McLaren Vale

Our Cellar Door With Gin & Food

Enjoy the combination of tasty local cuisine and artisan spirits at our cellar door restaurant—the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch or a relaxed afternoon.

In collaboration with Agostino’s, we’re proud to offer an integrated food and spirit experience offering famous wood oven pizzas and freshly prepared seasonal platters in combination with our premium gins crafted at Down South Distillery.

Come and join us at the cellar door restaurant where every bite and sip contributes to a beautiful McLaren Vale experience.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door
Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Venue & functions in McLaren Vale

Down South Distillery Cellar Door

Events & Functions

Celebrate your special moments at Down South Distillery, where this unique setting provides the perfect backdrop for any event or private function. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our collaboration with Agostino’s provides an integrated venue that combines rustic charm and elegance in a vineyard settings.

If you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a special private function, Down South Distillery cellar door offers a versatile space that can be customised to suit your vision.

Down South Distillery

Distillery McLaren Vale

Our Story

Down South Distillery was formed around passion, inspiration, and love for everything Down South. Our story began with having uncharted and brave conversations of what it could be to create a gin that defined the norms.

Crafting a gin that was contrary to traditional guidelines and recipe structure, the fun and excitement of experimentation and innovation began.

And so begins our journey.

Making out-of-the norm gin recipes, not rushing these along, but rather taking our time for our Spirits to develop and emerge.

And after many trials, experiments, variations, and adjustments, we finally found what we had been looking for: a smooth, full-bodied spirit that incorporated an abundance of botanical aroma, the mark of our Premium Spirits.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Gin cocktail recipes

Juniper Gin

Our Signature Gin Cocktails

Our curated signature Gin cocktails capture the essence of McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Blending local botanical herbs, spices, roots, seeds, and hints of peeled fruits to create the unique flavours and aromas that capture the very Spirit of Down South.

Experience our first Gin cocktail, the Down South Side, which is a contemporary take on a timeless classic, or other favourites including the Contessa Negroni, Purler Sour, Cherry Bomb, Hot Gin Toddy, and many more.

Distillery Door McLaren Vale

New Spirits Coming Soon

Unveiling a range of new premium, limited editions of Spirits that brings you a new sensory experience behind every sip; Smooth, full-bodied spirits, not rushed.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Down South Aldinga, McLaren Vale

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Our Location

Lot 40 Stonehouse Lane, Aldinga, South Australia 5173

Situated within the premises of Agostino’s Cellar Door, Aldinga, and only a 40 minutes’ drive from Adelaide.