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Our Story

And so, our journey began – after an evening out having uncharted, brave conversations about what it could be to create a gin that defined the norms.

Crafting a gin that was contrary to traditional guidelines and recipe structure. Without knowing exactly how to get there.

The initial still runs were about creating and experimenting with gin recipes. The fun and excitement to test new ideas and combinations and find out what sensory experience it would create as we were cooking away, making ‘out-of-the-norm’, intriguing new gin recipes.

Our craft-created gin discovery journey is as much about the passion and love for where we live and keeping your Spirits up!

Being inspired by the unique characteristic charms of McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula region, its breathtaking coastal views, and the gorgeous ever-changing rolling hills. Crafting artisan spirits that connect the beautiful land and making real connections with the people around them. Gins that embody that personality and capture real places found Down South.

Creating a sensory experience behind each sip.

down south distillery gin mclaren vale still pot

Our first pot still, initial still runs.

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale

Experimenting with new ideas.

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale

Turning point from “hobby” to distillery

Citrus Gin

Board Meeting (Citrus) Gin

Board Meeting was our first exceptional Gin and was the turning point from ‘hobby’ to Distillery.

After many trials, experiments, variations, and adjustments, this recipe finally incorporated the perfect abundance of botanicals (13 to be exact). Far more botanicals than a ‘standard’ gin recipe, making it an exceptional taste of spicy intrigue that coats the mouth with hints of orange, cinnamon & spice.

Board Meeting brought a taste of Adventure, a Toast to the finer things in life.

This Gin is our nod to the lifestyle of the surfers at Port Willunga Beach and our Adelaide Board Meeting’s on a Friday afternoon.

A full-bodied Spirit that shines among the rest.
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale

Botanical Pink Gin

Bush Chook (Pink) Gin

Bush Chook was the Gin that brought it all together.

This Gin was left undisturbed to sit on the shelf a little bit longer, where the soft, understated flavours could fully develop and shine through, resulting in a highly recommended Pink Gin.

Being an ode to the unspoilt Australian wildlife, it is a sip of pleasurable sweetness, a play of flavour, and of warmth.

A celebration of Australian Spirits
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale

Gin Distillery Down South

And so Down South Distillery was born –

A family team of artisan Distillers who have a passion for the artistry of unconventional, well-crafted Spirit and the celebration of a sensory experience behind each sip.

With a love for the land, we strive to reduce our carbon footprints, which is why we have taken every step to be as eco-friendly as possible by using bio-degradable plastics and recycling every bit of rubbish that comes our way.

We proudly invite you to visit our cellar door situated within the beautiful premises of Agostino Wines Aldinga, and taste our premium Australian Spirits.

Keep Your Spirits Up!

Down South Distillery Team

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door