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Watering Hole (Dry) Gin

About Watering Hole Dry Gin

Watering Hole Dry Gin offers a refreshing depth of citrus, ginger warmth, and fiery pepper’s boldness. With a tease of lime rounding out the flavour, this gin offers an intriguing journey across the palate. For those looking to broaden their gin horizons, Watering Hole Dry Gin provides a perfect, somewhat dry, and balanced gin.


Product Information Board Meeting Gin

  • Product name: Watering Hole Dry Gin
  • Category: Gin
  • Type: Spirits
  • Sizes: 500ml, 750ml
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%
  • Origin: South Australia

Key features Watering Hole Dry Gin

  • Bottle Sizes: Available in standard 500ml and 750ml bottles.
  • Flavour profile: A refined mix of citrus, pepper, ginger, and lime for a unique tasting experience.
  • Artisan craftmanship: Crafted for a pleasingly warm yet smooth finish, avoiding the overt sweetness found in some gins.
  • Versatile for mixology: Recommended to be garnished with lime, apple, or dried capsicum for the perfect G&T.
  • Produced in South Australia: Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and coastal views of the Fleurieu Peninsula, our gins embody the spirit and charm of Down South.

Botanicals of the Watering Hole Dry Gin

Our Watering Hole Dry Gin was aimed to create an invitingly complex gin with layers of flavour that unfold with each sip.


The cornerstone of any gin, juniper berries bring a vibrant, piney freshness that is the backbone of the Watering Hole Dry Gin. The juniper’s subtle complexity ensures that each sip carries the classic gin character, harmoniously blending with the other botanicals to create a well-rounded and compelling taste experience.


Brightens the gin with its vibrant, zesty notes, adding a layer of refreshing tanginess that complements the juniper’s piney base.

Fiery Pepper

Adds a subtle heat, enhancing the gin’s complexity.

Warming Ginger

Contributes a soothing warmth and spiciness, balancing the gin’s overall flavour profile. The ginger works with the juniper to create a smooth, inviting warmth that permeates the spirit.


Rounds out the flavour profile with its sultry, citrusy depth, offering a tease that both contrasts and complements the foundational flavour of juniper. 

Tasting notes and experience


A vibrant burst of citrus greets the nose, intertwined with the spicy notes of pepper and ginger’s warm, inviting essence.


A sophisticated blend where the zesty lime and ginger gently heat the palate, balanced by a subtle pepperiness.


Concludes with a soft, smooth finish that leaves a lingering warmth that invites another sip.

Serving suggestions for gin cocktails

Elevate your gin and tonic by garnishing with lime for a zesty twist, ginger for warmth, or apple for a touch of sweetness. Each garnish unveils a new layer of complexity in the Watering Hole Dry Gin, making every glass a novel experience.

gin recipes blue gin blitz


In a shaker over ice, pour in all ingredients. Secure lid and shake until the shaker is ice cold. Strain into a coupette glass and serve.

gin recipes watering hole oasis


In a glass add your ice, gin, and lemon juice. Top up with tonic and add in your garnish.

PURLER SOUR Gin cocktail


In a shaker half fill with ice and add in all ingredients. Shake well for approximately 30-40 seconds, before straining into a cocktail glass.

Pairing gin ideas

This gin’s dry, somewhat spicy character makes it an ideal companion to seafood dishes, grilled meats, or crisp salads. Its versatility also shines in cocktails, offering a robust foundation for classic and innovative creations.

The distillation process: A blend of Science and art

Creating our Board Meeting Citrus Gin is a detailed process combining traditional distillation techniques with our own innovative methods. Here’s a glimpse into our process:

The distillation process: A blend of Science and art

The creation of our Watering Hole Dry Gin is a detailed process that combines traditional distillation techniques with our own innovative methods. Here’s a glimpse into our process:

Selection and preparation of botanicals

Each botanical is selected for its quality and flavour profile. The botanicals are then prepared, with some being macerated or infused separately to extract their full essence.


Our gin is distilled in small batches using a copper pot still, a method known for retaining the delicate flavours of the botanicals. The use of copper also removes sulphides, ensuring a smoother spirit.


The individual distillates are carefully blended to achieve the desired flavour balance after distillation. This step is where the artistry of gin-making truly shines, as the combination of different botanical distillates determines the gin’s final character.


Before bottling, the gin is allowed to rest, letting the flavours meld and mature, resulting in a smoother, more cohesive profile.

About the Down South Distillery

Down South Distillery is driven by a passion for the unique charm of the McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Our story is one of inspiration, love, and the pursuit of crafting premium spirits that defy traditional guidelines. Our gins are not just spirits; they celebrate our beautiful land and connections with those who share our journey.

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