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Welcome to Down South Distillery Cellar Door

Down South Distillery cellar door is situated within the premises of Agostino Wines, Aldinga. Only a 40-minute drive south of Adelaide, against a back drop of rolling hills, Down South Distillery offers a unique tasting experience.

Enjoy our signature premium gin flight in a relaxed, authentic atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of the local areas, and the stories behind them.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Gin tasting McLaren Vale

Our Gin Flight Experience

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale


With bursts of citrus, fiery pepper, warming ginger and the sultry tease of lime, Watering Hole Dry Gin will have you intrigued. Rather than packing a punch, our Watering Hole Dry Gin rolls along the palate with a pleasing heat, creating a soft, smooth finish.

Have a bit of fun and pair our Watering Hole Dry Gin with garnishes such as lime, apple or dried capsicum to create the perfect gin and tonic.

Somewhat dry, but never sweet, our Watering Hole Dry Gin is a good starting point for those wanting to expand their Gin Experience.

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale


Booming with floral intrigue, our Bush Chook Pink Gin will entice your senses with notes of jasmine, maraschino cherry and mandarin, leaving you with a lasting sensory impression of musk, peach and grape.

Naturally sweetened by the large quantity of fruits used during the infusion stage, our Pink Gin brings a warm and well-rounded depth to the palate.

Increase your gin and tonic experience by pairing our Bush Chook Pink Gin with garnishes such as raspberry, nectarine, pepper and cherry.

Recommended for the discerning Gin Enthusiast!

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale


Packed to the max with botanicals that fill the nose with sweet and spicy intrigue, while coating the palate with hints of orange, cinnamon and all things delightful, our Board Meeting Citrus Gin enchants the palate with a pleasant rollercoaster of flavours.

If feeling adventurous, try experimenting with a variety of spice and citrus garnishes with our Board Meeting Gin to see how the flavour profile changes as different botanicals shine through.

For the Gin Connoisseur with an Adventurous Spirit!

Down South Distillery Door Hours

Friday 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm

Public Holidays 11:00am - 6:00pm

Call us for reservations, enquiries:

T: 0401 375 988


Our Location

Lot 40 Stonehouse Lane, Aldinga, South Australia

Gin flight tasting experience available for larger groups.

Bookings are essential and can be done by calling our Cellar Door or emailing us.

Down South Cocktail Fun …

Why not try our smooth, full-bodied Gins in your cocktails. They will certainly offer a sensory experience that accompanies each sip.

Examples From Our Gin Drink List

And much more.

Gin Cocktail recipe WATERING HOLE OASIS
Gin Cocktail recipe
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale
Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale

Distillery McLaren Vale

New Spirits Coming Soon

Unveiling a range of new premium, limited edition Spirits, we bring you a new sensory experience behind every sip. Not rushed, smooth, full-bodied Spirits.