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For Gin McLaren Vale Enthusiasts – Welcome to Down South Distillery

Welcome to Down South Distillery, where passion and commitment to crafting extraordinary gins meet the excellent food and wine scene in McLaren Vale. If you are an enthusiasts of gin McLaren Vale spirit trail, our cellar door is the perfect stop for you.

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful McLaren Vale region, our distillery shares its home with the renowned Agostino restaurant, wine, and cellar door. As a family team of artisan distillers, we take pride in introducing our collection of smooth, full-bodied aroma premium gins, specifically designed to captivate your senses.

Down South Distillery Gin McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Gin from the cellar door in McLaren Vale

Gin Trail McLaren Vale

For Gin McLaren Vale connoisseurs and spirit trail explorers: Down South Distillery is the perfect stop

Located just 40 minutes south of Adelaide, McLaren Vale is celebrated for its scenic vineyards and rolling hills, offering wine and food enthusiasts a haven. However, it has also become a celebrated destination for gin lovers and gin connoisseurs who want to explore the gin and spirit trail in McLaren Vale.

With Down South Distillery’s opening and our cellar door unveiling, we offer a new enticing stop on the gin and spirit trail.

Agostino Cellar Door Down South Distillery McLaren Vale

Entrance to Agostino Wines and Down South Distillery cellar door in McLaren Vale, SA

Gin trail location Down South Distillery

Where do you find Down South Distillery? If you’re travelling from Adelaide, take South Road and, as you pass Aldinga on your right, catch sight of St Ann’s Anglican Church on your left. Turn into Stonehouse Lane, follow it to the end, and arrive at the Down South Distillery entrance and Agostino Wines. Alternatively, continue on South Road to the next left turn onto Aldinga Road, and you will find Stonehouse Lane on your first left.

Gin trail direction from McLaren Vale town to Down South Distillery

Or if you are already in McLaren Vale town. Then, you can take the Main Road towards Willunga town, turn right into Malpas Road, and then continue to South Road. As you continue past the Aldinga intersection on the right, on the left-hand side, you will find Stonehouse Lane.

Alternatively, you can continue straight towards the Willunga township from McLaren Vale town, turn left onto Aldinga Road, and continue for 10 minutes. As you get close to the end of the road, you will see Agostino’s and Down South Distillery signs on your left-hand side.

The smooth gin trail stop: Down South Distillery

At our cellar door, we offer a range of premium gins and combinations with gin cocktails. You can choose between our signature Gin Flight experience, for example, or a selection of smooth gin cocktails that have all the unique flavours and aromas that capture the very spirit of Down South Distillery. All from contemporary classics to new favourites. Additionally, Down South Distillery will unveil a new limited-edition spirit this summer, each specifically crafted to deliver a distinct and captivating sensory experience.

Gin Cocktail Down South Distillery

A beautiful blend of premium gin, and delicious pizza

Down South Distillery offers a one-of-a-kind experience at our cellar door as customers can enjoy premium spirits in relaxing, authentic environments while having close access to Agostino’s delicious wood oven pizzas. Or, for customers thinking about having a meal first at Agostino’s, why don’t you start with one of our gin cocktails as a pre-drink?

We offer an extensive range of gin cocktails, which can be ordered directly from your table. Contessa Negroni, for example, is a contemporary take on a timeless classic or why not try any of our gin cocktail favourites, including the Pink Gin Spritz, Bush Chook Bash, and many more.

What a fantastic Gin McLaren Vale and Spirit Trail stop! Enjoying premium gin alongside the esteemed Agostino’s beautiful food and wine.

Gin McLaren Vale

Whether you have been to McLaren Vale, SA, before to try gin or are a new visitor who wants to experience sipping smooth gin that lingers for longer in a relaxed and authentic environment, Down South Distillery is the stop for you.

As for gin McLaren Vale enthusiasts and gin connoisseurs looking forward to a unique gin experience, this beautiful area offers many other wonderful gems and experiences on the way to Down South Distillery.

McLaren Vale artisans

As a starter, of course, renowned for its rolling hills and vineyards, the backdrop to your gin and spirit adventure is fantastic. Just the drive through McLaren Vale is so beautiful and scenic. With the area known for the artisan’s crafts, which can be found in small boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, markets, cheese shops and butcheries, and wineries, everyone contributes to McLaren Vales’ vibrant culture.

Destination Down South Distillery

Take your time strolling the inspiring High Street of McLaren Vale township or the old country town of Willunga, with lots of coffee shops and restaurants, and make sure to visit Willunga’s Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning or visit the up-and-coming Old Coach Road at Aldinga with bars, shops, cafes and restaurants, just a few minutes away from Down South Distillery.

If you plan your trip to McLaren Vale on the Gin and Spirit Trail, each stop in the area offers such an experience that makes you want to return.

McLaren Vale SA Photo Mikael Svensson

McLaren Vale, SA

McLaren Vale SA Photo Mikael Svensson

McLaren Vale, SA

McLaren Vale SA Photo Mikael Svensson

McLaren Vale, SA

McLaren Vale SA Photo Mikael Svensson

McLaren Vale, SA

Gin McLaren Vale Distillery

Come and visit us for a gin tasting experience

Please come and join us at our cellar door. With a relaxed and authentic atmosphere, our cellar door offers more than just a tasting – it’s an opportunity to relax and soak in the atmosphere while forgetting time and enjoying a unique gin-tasting experience.

Our Gin in McLaren Vale

Crafting a sensory gin experience

Our signature Gins are crafted with a commitment to high quality and sustainability and with smooth, full-bodied aromas for exceptional taste.

Try our collection of premium Gins made in McLaren Vale and let them captivate your senses.

Down South Distillery McLaren Vale Aldinga Cellar Door

Come and taste gin in McLaren Vale at Down South Distillery

Board Meeting Citrus Gin

Board Meeting (Citrus) Gin

Packed with botanicals that fill the nose with sweet, spicy intrigue – this Gin coats the palate with hints of orange, cinnamon & all things delightful. Order Gin Now

Water Hole Dry Gin

Watering Hole Dry Gin

This Gin is packed with bursts of citrus, fiery pepper & ginger – added to the sultry tease of yuzu. Order Gin Now

Bush Chook Pink Gin

Bush Chook (Pink) Gin

This Gin booms with floral intrigue of jasmine – leaving a lasting sensory impression of musk, peach & grape. Order Gin Now

Gin online

Experience Down South Distillery Gin from anywhere

Ready to try Down South Distillery Gins but don’t have the opportunity to visit our cellar door? Please visit our online store and bring the spirit of Down South Distillery directly to your doorstep.